Molly Hines


Molly's Musical World

For Molly Hines, to be involved in music is to be alive.  It’s as natural as breathing and it’s a reflection of who Molly is at the deepest level.

Molly started her love affair with the violin at the age of five years old.  It was bound to happen, since music runs through her family.  Her parents, Domonique Launey and Jonathan Hines met while studying piano at the University of Texas, Austin.  She grew up awash in the beautiful sound of her mother’s daily rehearsals and a steady stream of budding,  young piano students who studied with Domonique.

Molly chose violin early and began while still in grade school. She developed as an artist and today she maintains a dynamic performing and teaching career as a professional violinist. As a performing artist, Molly is dedicated to continued growth and mastery of her craft.  As a future violin teacher, she reflects on the incredibly important role music has played in her life, and she intends to pay it forward by inspiring more kids to also love music.

Molly comes from a large, extended family. She is devoted to her two sisters, parents and her family’s dogs, Mendelssohn and Ella. Day to day, Molly is also committed to staying healthy in order to enjoy all that life has in store for her.

A Passion for Performance
Teaching the Next Generation